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B.F.A Painting / Sculpture/ Applied Art from UGC Recognised University

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Semester –I

Practical - Medium (Poster/ Water color)

 ½ Imperial

1. Painting - (Still Life& Nature Study) EXAM Design OPTIONAL (5 Sheets each on each subject)

Examination shall be conducted on any one of the subject

1. Print Making - Print Making – Leaves Print and Leno Cut (Achromatic Color) 5 Sheets minimum

1. Applied Arts - Roman Alphabets – Serif and Sans serif (English), Gothic Style of lettering.), 5 Sheets minimum.

1. Sculpture - Decorative and Geometrical design (Relief), Human body parts (Nose, Eye and Ears) Medium: Clay

  • Work done in the class during college / University hours shall be accepted for submission.
  • Students shall have to submit one sessional of each subject to the university/college.

Fundamental of Art (Paper I)

(Part -I)

Unit – I

What Is art, Definition of Art, Important and Aim

Unit –II

Elements of Art (Line, Firm, Colors, Tone, Texture and Space)


Theory of Composition (Unity, Harmony, Balance, Dominance, Rhythm, Proposition).

Unit- IV


Unit- V

Drawing and Rendering (2D and 3D Rendering)

History of Advertisement: Paper-II

Unit – I

Meaning of advertising, advertising a corporate, advertising a science, advertising a profession, advertising an art, definition of advertising

Unit –II

History of advertising – pre-printing and early printing period, period of expansion, period of scientific development, period of business and modern development, history of advertisement in India.

Unit –III

Classification of advertising – classified advertising, display advertising, display classified advertising, news reading notice, classification of advertising based on consumer & Advertiser.

Unit – IV

Social and economic aspects of advertising  - advertising creates employment, advertising promoted freedom of press and media, advertising reduces selling price and cost of product, advertising creates demands, advertising tries to raise the standard of living.

Unit – V

Function of advertising – information, assurance, convenience, freedom of choice, buyers guide.

B.F.A – Painting/ Sculpture/ Applied Art

Semester – II

Practical - Medium (Poster/ Watercolor)

 ¼ Imperial

Design (EXAM)

1. Painting - Object Drawing & Nature – pencil and in color also (OPTIONAL)

(Composition) - (Animal, Birds, Human Figure with minimum 03 Figures, Antique study in pencil) 5+5+5 sheets minimum.

Examination shall be conducted on any one of the subject

1. Applied Art - Devnagri, Hindi and Script Writing 5 sheets Minimum

1. Print Making - (Print Making – Leno Cut in 2 Colors) 5 sheets Minimum

1. Sculpture - Simple Composition with the use of human Figures and other forms (Nature, Animals, Birds) Medium: Clay and P.O.P 05 works Minimum.

  • Work done in the class during the college / University hours shall be accepted for submission.
  • Student shall have to submit one sessionals of each subject to the university/ college.

Fundamental of Art – Paper I

(Part -II)

Unit –I

06 Limbs of Paintings.

Unit –II

Bifurcation of Art

Unit – III

Creative Process (Observation, Perception, Imagination, Expression)

Unit- IV

Definition of Sculpture, Main Characteristics of Ancient Indian Sculpture

Unit- V

Source of Indian Art with special reference to – Vishnu Dharamuttar, Puran’s, Chitrasutram chapter

History of Advertising: Paper-II

(in Brief)

Unit -1

Village economy – advertising, production and transportation, why need of advertising?

Communication and marketing, advertising and communication, marketing main components of marketing concept, Marketing process, marketing mix, role of advertising in marketing.

Unit- II

Advertising business, field of advertising management, function of advertising department, advertising agency, advertising agency and its functioning, advertising agency in India.

Unit- III

Advertising design, tread mark, monogram, symbol, logotype, principals of design, creativity, the selling strategy and copywriting.

Unit- IV

Creation of advertising Design, illustration, advertising media, classification of media.

Unit – V

Advertising & Computer, Hardware used in DTP, software, script – classification of script and history of script.