Our Courses

Kids 1 year Diploma (Level-1)

Different levels are available for different age groups for students from 5 to 17 years of age. All our drawing and painting courses are taught by expert teachers who are passionate and creative about teaching. 

  • Basic Drawing & Sketching

    Landscape Drawings

    Object Drawings

    Figure Drawings

    Portrait Drawing Birds & Animal Drawing 

  • Shading Variation

    Shading with Pencils

    Shading with Oil Pastels

    Shading with Color Pencils

  • Cartoons & Caricature

    Students practice cartoon characters of their choice to add some fun element in their drawings

  • Imaginative Composition

    After Practicing Basic Sketching students would be able to depict their Imagination on Paper.

  • Color Concepts

    1. Study of different colors

    2. Color Mixing

    3. Practice of different mediums

  • Collage Making

    a) Collage Making with colourful papers

    b) Collage Making on a given topic 

  • Card Making

    Cards for Different occasions

  • Compositions

    Examples: - Seasons, Festivals, Events, Current Topics 

  • Clay Modeling

    a) Clay Modeling using different colourful clay

     b) Clay Modeling of objects.

  • Poster Designing

    Examples: - Save Energy, Save Water, Global Warming, Child Labor