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3 Months Hobby Certificate Course For Kids

NIFA  Art Institute offers 3 Months Hobby Certificate Courses for Kids in Delhi & Mumbai which includes  Drawing, Sketching, Colour Concepts, Collage and Card Making.

All NIFA courses are now available worldwide through our Live and Interactive Online Classes. Please download the NIFA app from our online classes page to register for a complimentary trial class.


1. Drawing & Sketching

2. Colour Concepts

3. Collage Making

4. Card Making


1. Drawing & Sketching:-

  • Basic elements of design.
  • Object drawing with shape.
  • Easy & simple figures (human, bird, animal)
  • Compositions(jungle scene,underwater,rainy season,etc.)


2.Colour Concepts:-

  • Study of the colour wheel.
  • Monochrome composition.
  • Polychrome composition.


3. Collage Making:-

  • Paper collage with crayon.
  • Paper collage with water colour.
  • Paper collage with mix media.
  • Paper collage with colour pencil.


4. Card Making:-

  • Basic elements of card design.
  • Division of space.
  • Colour concept.
  • Final compositions(of different occasions)