Welcome to the National Institute of Fine Arts


About us

National Institute of Fine Arts  (NIFA) is a national center for education in arts, fostering the excellence of emerging and established artists and advancing art to create a more human world. National Institute of Fine Arts (NIFA) was established by Mrs. RENU KHERA in Delhi and NCR of Delhi in July 2005. Institute is a unit of an educational society named Sanyam Educational & Social Welfare Society. Its aim is to provide education and training to students on a wide spectrum of Fine Arts.

National Institute of Fine Arts is a place where the creative expression of individuals is nurtured and a sense of community flourishes. We seek to shape the global future of arts with an emphasis on excellence that allows its members to reach for the highest artistic standards as individuals while recognizing that Art is one of the foundations of a healthy and creative society. This is a place where national and international leaders in the arts gather, teach, show and perform their work. The institute prides itself on its openness and on creating an environment that is safe, welcoming, and built on mutual respect.

As of now, NIFA has six branches in Delhi, N.C.R and one in Mumbai (Andheri). More than 2000 students are currently studying fine arts under the guidance of highly qualified faculties.

All NIFA courses are now available worldwide through our Live and Interactive Online Classes. Please download the NIFA app from our online classes page to register for a complimentary trial class.

Why Choose Us ?

Nifa teaches its students realistic drawing and painting,which helps in strenghtening confidence. Nifa's instructions help students avoid continual dissatisfaction with their artistic abilities, so that they will not eventually give up pursuing art as a viable interest. Drawing and painting are learned subjects, just like any other. Nifa takes a very classical approach in teaching drawing and painting. What it means is that instructions coupled with practice, will bring about an independent and confident artist in you. Student have worked for years before they ever became "masters" themselves. After months with Nifa , students and their families are constantly amazed at their new abilities, and, that it is a real fun to learn how to draw and paint.

Open Minds

At NIFA, We actively encourage open minded creative thoughts.It is a place where ideas are encouraged and cherished.Work will challenge you, and your studies will stretch your mind.The rewards, though, are enormous and the company exhilarating. Whichever you choose, studying at NIFA will help you achieve your aspirations.

Student Service

We provide a range of student support services to help make the most of your time both academically and socially at NIFA.You will find help and information is available on many topics, through literature, computer based guidance advice, group sessions, individual advice and guidance from our staff.


You may need support with personal issues such as self esteem, relationships,anxiety, and stress management as you continue your studies.Counselling offers a confidential place where you can explore your concerns.