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M.A in Painting from UGC Recognised University

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Paper- 1(Theory)-History of Art


Prehistoric caves, painting of France, Spain and Italy.

(Introduction, Technique, Aim and Importance)

B. Western pre historic painting Introduction Franco Rock Painting, Caves and main periods

according to Bruel.

Unit – 2

A. Egyption painting- Introduction, Dynasty, Centers, Medium/Technique characteristics.

B. Greek painting – Introduction, periods.

(Technique, medium, main Artists of Classical Greek paintings)

Unit – 3

A. Byzantine Art – (Introduction, forms, main Artists)

B. Gothic Art – (Introduction, forms, main centers, main Artists)

Unit – 4

A. Renaissance period – (Introduction, Centers, main Artists) Masaccio, Paolo, Uccello,

Sandero Botticelli, Domenico.

B. High renaissance period – (Introduction, Centers, main Artists)

Leonardo-da-vinci, Michel Angelo, Raffeil, Tishtion, Correggio.

Unit – 5

A. Mohan Jodaro, Harappa, Bharhut, Sanchi.

B. Amaravati, Sarnath, Ellora, Khajuraho, Konark.


Paper- 2(Theory)-Aesthetics

Unit - 1

A. Origin of Aesthetics, Traditional Aesthetics, Modern Aesthetics.

B. Beauty: Art; Beauty Criteria.

Unit – 2

A. Indian Aesthetics Attitude: Empathy.

B. Aesthetic and Fine Art.

Unit – 3

A. Rasa and Anand, Beauty.

B. Beauty in Indian literature, Rasa Theory by Bharatmuni, Abhinav Gupta.

Unit – 4

A. Bhatt- Lolat, Shankuk, Bhattnayak.

B. E.V. Havell, Acharya Ramachandra Shukla, Cumarswami, Dr. Nagendra, Dr. Kantichandra

Unit -5

A. Sangeet (Music) &Chitra

B. Beauty : Art- Hindu Vision.

Paper- (Practical)

1. Composition – Paintings Based on Traditional and modern subjects.

2. Portrait (Male and Female)

3. Seminar, 3000 words, 03 copy

Paper -1 (Theory)- History of Art


A. Pre history of Chinese painting Chaoue period (Development of

Art) Haan period (Main characteristics)

B. Six Dynasty (Buddhist painting & six limbs) Tang period

(Artist-we- Tastze) sung period (Main Characteristics)


A. Euaan period (Bamboo painting) Ming period (Artist –

Jung chi change)

B. Chhing period (Artist-shih- Thao) Modern period (Main



A. History of Japnee paintings – Introduction (Hai yaan

period Yamoto E. Buddhist paintings.)

B. Kama Kura period (Scroll paintings)


A. Ink painting (Sumi-E) Moro Machi (Ashikaga) period

(Artist- Sachheu)

B. Momoyama period (Subject matter and characteristics

Edo period Uki’o-E- School) Modern period (Japanese, Western School)


A. History of Persian painting-Introduction. Sansani period

to modern period (main characteristics miniature painting manuscript decoration)

B. Mural (wall) painting pot painting, Technique, Artist –

Bihzad, Ria-E Abbesi, Indian Persian Art. Khajuraho Art & Music



A. Oriental Aesthetics – Egyptian Aesthetics & Chinese


B. Buddha Aesthetics & Islamic Aesthetics.

Unit – 2

A. Indian Aesthetics – Beauty & Pleasure.

B. Rasa main sources – Natya & Kavya.

Unit – 3

A. Beauty – Alankar.

B. Hemchandra –Bhoj – Vishwanath.

Unit – 4

A. Bhartmuni – Plato fojks/kkHkkl½

B. Dr. Coomar Swami – Dr. Radha kamal Mukherji.

Unit – 5

A. Aesthetics of Modern Art.

B. Impressionism – Prabhavdad.


1. Copy Work – Copying of Indian

miniature and European miniature paintings.

2. Landscape – Surrounding and outer

view of Nature.

3. Exhibition/Viva