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Animation Sketching

The objective of NIFA'S Animation Sketching Classes in Mumbai is to enable a student to 3 dimension and 2 dimension. Initially, creating organic and inorganic models in 3 dimensional environment, visualizing the different kinds of surfaces and exploring lights and shades. Students learn 2 dimensional techniques of creating caricatures and realistic characters involving anatomy construction, and implementation of principles involved in animation.

All NIFA courses are now available worldwide through our Live and Interactive Online Classes. Please download the NIFA app from our online classes page to register for a complimentary trial class.


  • Basic Figure Study
  • Action Poses
  • Pictorial Composition
  • Character Designing
  • Story Boarding
  • Basic Walk Cycle( Side/ Front)
  • Basic Jump Cycle( Side/ Front)
  • Basic Run Style( Side/ Front)