Refund Policy

Dear candidates, to avoid any unpleasant situations in future, there are some policies about refund which you must go through

  • 1 - Payment once made is not transferable, not refundable in any circumstances whatsoever.
  • 2 - If you have any sort of problem related to timings, class duration, syllabus or course duration, you can get some adjustments done after getting approval from the director. The classes can be adjusted but any refunds are not in the provision. These adjustments are subject to approval.
  • 3 - Fee installments should be deposited within the 1st week of every month or he/she has to pay a fine of Rs. 10 per day.
  • 4 - If the fee is not paid for any two months, the admission will be cancelled automatically.
  • 5 - Re-admission fee is compulsory to continue the course.
  • 6 - All the emi's has to be paid in the initial months. For six months diploma you need to pay it in first three months, for one year diploma in first six months and in case of two years diploma it has to be paid in first fourteen months.
  • 7 - Every emi costs you Rs. 500 extra.
  • 8 - The program is valid for the candidate who has been enrolled , it cannot be transferred to any of his relatives or friends.