Our Courses

3 Months Hobby Certificate Course For Kids

1. Drawing & Sketching

2.Colour Concepts

3.Collage Making

4.Card Making


1.Drawing & Sketching :-

a.Basic elements of design.

b.Object drawing with shape.

c.Easy & simple figures (human, bird,animal)

d.Compositions(jungle scene,underwater,rainy season,etc.)


2.Colour Concepts :-

a.Study of colour wheel.

b.Monochrome composition.

c.polychrome composition.


3.Collage Making :-

a.Paper collage with crayon.

b.Paper collage with water colour.

c.Paper collage with mix media.

d.Paper collage with colour pencil.


4.Card Making :-

a.Basic elements of card design.

b.Division of space.

c.Colour concept.

d.Final compositions(of different occasions)